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Transparent terms

Total transparency brings back the feeling of control. There are no algorithms or price manipulation. Drivers see the exact route before accepting, they can also choose which rides to respond to and passengers are free to choose a driver

Cost is always fair

The cost of services with taxiDriver is fair. This is because our people-to-people model allows users to agree amongst themselves on a price that satisfies both parties

Direct payments

Passengers pay drivers directly. This allows us to reduce costs and maintain lower fares. The payment for the services for the providers is also the lowest in the market

Our platform

Safety of your rides


Verified drivers

All drivers pass document verification before they can take an order

Help during the ride

All drivers pass document verification before they can take an order

Why switch

Fair fares

We are here to prove that people can always come to an agreement. Despite traffic or bad weather, the price for a ride remains:

  • Fair
  • Win-win
  • Fixed per trip

Ride control

We have nothing to hide, our total transparency puts people back in control of their journey:

  • Passengers are free to choose any driver

Safety first

And for everyone. Yes, we take it seriously and work on new safety features every day

  • 24/7 support
  • Real-time location sharing

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The app for fair rides

Our users certify us as the leading cab platform on the island.

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Specify a ride fare and accept a suitable offer

Choose a driver

You see driver’s rating and number of rides before you accept the offer

Share your ride with others

Shared rides are even more profitable: you pay only for your seats

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